It is very rewarding to make real contributions and take part in my team’s success.

Simon Karkosch
Director, Frankfurt

Day in the Life: Simon Karkosch

Having completed degrees in both Finance and Accounting, Simon was presented with a wide range of opportunities in financial services. Also, having the advantage of being a dual citizen of Germany and the United States, he was looking for the right company where he would be able to tap into his education, language capabilities and cultural acumen, and also work in a small team environment. Simon found what he was looking for in a career at Pricoa Capital Group.

The collaborative culture at Pricoa Capital is one aspect Simon enjoys most.

According to Simon, “Pricoa Capital’s culture is unique in that we work in small teams; therefore, each individual’s strengths are essential to the success of the team. I enjoy working with colleagues that have diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, and I am constantly learning from their experience, as well as bringing my own skill set to the table. It is very rewarding to make real contributions and take part in my team’s success.” 

Simon began his career at Pricoa Capital as an Investment Analyst in the Chicago office. Since then, he has experienced significant career growth at the firm -- moving to the Frankfurt office, being promoted to an Investment Associate position, and on to a Director -- taking on more challenging tasks with each move.

“As a Director, I am encouraged to take on significant responsibility. This opportunity has allowed me to not only develop my capabilities in financial analysis, but I am also fine-tuning my communication, marketing and networking skills, which will prove to be invaluable in future endeavors.”

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.