We're all part of the decision-making process, and so the work of each team member spurs better questions and, ultimately, generates better results.

Rhiannon Hackett
Director, London

Day in the Life: Rhiannon Hackett

Rhiannon Hackett looks at aspects of her daily life from a different perspective as a result of the work she does as a Director in Pricoa Capital Group’s London office.

"The exposure Pricoa provides in terms of both the breadth of companies we work with, and the responsibilities team members are given, is what makes my job rewarding," Rhiannon said. “Doing in-depth analysis of companies across a broad spectrum of sectors makes you think about many aspects of daily life in a different way. You start to understand more about the products you see and services you consume in everyday life – who is making these products, where they are manufactured, why a certain brand is more successful than others. My work has given me a deeper understanding of businesses and industries, and what they mean to us.”

Rhiannon credits Pricoa’s “fairly unique team structure” for encouraging this intellectual curiosity and depth of knowledge.

“It’s a relatively flat hierarchy here,” she said. “We work in small deal teams of four people, and every team member, from an Investment Analyst to the Team Leader, makes a critical contribution to the team’s success. We’re all part of the decision-making process, and the work of each team member spurs better questions and, ultimately, generates better results."

"Unlike many finance roles, our team is also involved over the life of a transaction from origination to maturity, meaning we are able to build strong relationships with management, better understand how companies adapt to their changing competitive environments over time, and be well placed to grow our investment as a company grows," said Rhiannon.

It's fair to say that for her, a "day in the life" is never routine. Rhiannon adds, "The expansion of our junior capital initiative has meant that we are now working with, and tailoring financing solutions for, an increasing number of smaller, entrepreneurial businesses with exciting growth opportunities."

At the same time, Rhiannon cites Pricoa’s integration with its U.S. counterpart with providing extensive avenues for networking and career advancement.

“Training and development is a key part of the learning process. We meet and engage with colleagues from across Europe and the U.S, and as part of our various ongoing internal programs I have spent time in a number of U.S. cities, having the chance to interact with senior management from across the organisation,” Rhiannon noted. “In addition to building  your technical skills, there is a strong emphasis on developing your internal network, drawing on the experiences of others and encouraging co-operation across offices to ensure better investment decisions.”

Rhiannon said that the combination of small deal teams and a relatively flat hierarchy encourage openness in communication and lead to a healthier work-life balance.

“The long-term nature of our investments allows us to manage the process and plan deadlines,” she said. “The high level of engagement for each team member also means we help each other out. Ultimately, the number one reason I enjoy working at Pricoa is the people around me. They’re really smart, they challenge me, and there are always opportunities to learn more.”

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