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"I've lived in both Chicago and London, and loved living in both cities because of their access to travel opportunities in the U.S. and Europe. But more important, I found both to be cosmopolitan cities with a range of cultural and international diversity, while each preserving its own unique regional charm."

Tan Vu (Chicago)


"Frankfurt may be the smallest metropolis in the world, but it is the most international city in Germany. The city offers a homely coziness, but is Germany's financial powerhouse. There are more than 300 banks, including the European Central Bank, and about 190 foreign financial institutions. Frankfurt is the world’s fourth largest stock exchange. Although nicknamed "Mainhattan" for it's modern skyline, you will find evidence of Frankfurt’s long history, dating back more than 1,200 years. It's the home of the first German national assembly which took place in 1848 in St. Paul’s Church; the birthplace of Goethe, Germany's greatest poet; and you will find many "Äppelweinkneipen", offering traditional German food, in the City or along the Main River."

Thomas Krausser (Frankfurt)


"London is a young, lively city full of culture and nightlife. From the West End's Theatreland and Oxford Street shopping, to my favorite, the eclectic Leicester Square – you'll never tire of opportunities to experience the diversity of London. On top of that, with Europe at your fingertips, travel is easy and affordable. It's really the place to be."

Ed Jolly (London)



"Mexico City has a rich history dating back to the Great Tenochtitlan, which was the capital of the Aztec empire until the Spanish conquista in 1521. One of the reasons Mexico City is so special is its unique combination of Prehispanic and European influences, which can be appreciated everywhere in the city, including its food, art and architecture. For example, Paseo de la Reforma, one of the city’s main avenues, was modeled after the Champs-Elysees in Paris; and in the city’s main central square you can find ruins of an ancient Aztec temple co-existing with a Spanish-era palace with murals painted by Diego Rivera, who was married with Frida Kahlo. Additionally, Mexico City enjoys a stable mild weather all year round and is well located at the very center of the country, only a short drive or flight away from beautiful destinations such as the colonial town and UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Miguel the Allende, the mariachi and tequila producing region of Guadalajara, or the crystal blue beaches of the Mayan Riviera."

 Andres Cuevas (Mexico City)



"Milan is the best example of the Italian way of life. In 1883, the first electrical power station in Continental Europe was started near Piazza Duomo. Since then, Milan has been indisputably recognized as the engine of Italian development. It perfectly mixes the Italian culture (fashion, architecture, cuisine, life-style) with its Pan-European heritage, given its universities, financial district and efficient transportation connection. Milan is also strategically located amongst the most dynamic Italian manufacturing districts and a couple of hours from the Italian Riviera and the Alps. Definitely one of the best places to work and live."

Francesco Ascoli (Milan)



"There is a lot more to Paris than just food and fashion. The city is a growing center for business and finance, second only to London, with its old-world Haussmann architecture and avenues and a modern business district - La Défense (Europe’s largest by office space) housing the headquarters of recognized leaders in many domains of industry (aeronautic, energy, agribusiness, automotive and defense). Paris is ideally located for doing business in both Continental and Eastern Europe and benefits from an efficient transport system (high-speed trains, regional airports and an extensive motorway network). The most visited city in the world, it is also the capital of trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions. A city where quality of life remains important in all areas of business, and the wide choice of casual bistros or gourmet restaurants, museums, concert halls and theatres makes Paris an ideal location to work, live and play."

Jennifer O’Neill-Mardokh (Paris)



"Sydney offers the perfect blend of city and beach living with fantastic weather, friendly people and an active lifestyle. Nothing compares to riding the ferry into the CBD while admiring the Sydney Opera House and the city's ever changing skyline while on your daily commute. On top of that, the passion people have for coffee, sport and surfing is truly unparalleled. With the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley only a short drive from the city, along with short flights up to the Gold Coast, down to Melbourne, or across to New Zealand, there's always exciting adventures to be had."

Michael Jones (Sydney)

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