Pricoa Shelf

The Pricoa Shelf product is part of Pricoa Capital Group's full range of private capital products. Created to meet the client's desire for fast and efficient access to capital, the Pricoa Shelf is an uncommitted financing facility in which medium-term and long-term notes can be issued on multiple occasions.


Structural Characteristics

  • Choice of payment terms for each draw, with custom amortization schedule and maturity
  • Multiple draw capabilities, enabling interest rate averaging vs. market timing
  • Fixed- or floating-rate debt


Typical Size

  • US$20 million - US$150 million


Typical Uses

  • Refinance debt
    • Lock-in fixed rate
    • Interest rate averaging
    • Expansion / Growth capital
    • Acquisitions
    • Opportunistic stock repurchasing
    • Diversification of capital sources


Potential Issuer Benefits

  • Fast and efficient access to capital
    • Terms and conditions of draws negotiated at establishment of facility
    • Frequent rate indication (daily, if requested)
    • Coupon set and funds delivered typically within three to five days
    • Customized debt to meet issuer’s operating objectives
    • Low setup and all-in costs
    • No underwriting or registration fees
    • No facility or unused commitment fees
    • No agent fee
    • One-time structuring fee
    • Low issuance fee, payable at closing of each draw