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PJ LaFemina
Director, Sydney*

Day in the Life: PJ LaFemina

PJ LaFemina, a Director in Pricoa Capital Group’s Sydney* office, describes Pricoa as, “the best kept secret in finance.”

“We’re one of the world’s largest private placement investors, but you can’t pick up what we do from a textbook,” PJ said. “I worked at a large bank before joining Pricoa Capital Group, and I felt like more of a clerk than an underwriter, with all the templates to follow and policies that were in place.”

“What’s interesting about the work we do at Pricoa is that we’re solutions-driven rather than task-driven. It requires multi-dimensional thinking since we're investing across all sectors, in several different countries, and up and down the capital structure. It isn’t ‘assembly line’ work. We start with a blank sheet and look at the idiosyncrasies of every deal independently to form our investment thesis. We have to play out risk scenarios for what might happen 15 years down the road. It requires a deeper level of brainstorming and analysis.”

That kind of game-planning and strategy also requires a great deal of collaboration, among the members of each Pricoa deal team, as well as with the company’s senior management. Every member of our deal teams has a critical role to play, from Investment Analysts through Investment Associates and Team Leaders. As a result, it is a patient mentorship of new hires, which is by design.

“Since we operate in these small deal teams, we need to rely on the capabilities and skills of every team member in order to be successful,” said PJ. “We have a strong training and support culture that encourages questions and learning opportunities. It’s about finding the right answer, not just one that works for the sake of completing the task. The learning curve never stops.”

The balance of working closely within a small group while being part of a global leader in private placements makes Pricoa Capital Group unique in the finance world, according to PJ.

“Despite the size and scope of Pricoa, it still feels like a small firm,” he said. “I get to work with incredibly supportive and intelligent people every day to find mutually beneficial capital solutions that enable companies to achieve their goals. It is a motivating environment to work in.”



*Operates through PGIM (Australia) Pty Ltd.

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.