Our Company: Developing Long-Term Relationships, Consistently Delivering Long-Term Capital

We invest in relationships. We value the long-term, both in our financing and in the trust we develop with companies. Many of our relationships date back three decades. In any given year, 60 per cent of our business is with our current financing relationships. Chances are, the first Pricoa Capital Group professional you meet will be working with you and your company for a decade or more.

We deliver consistent financing through lean times and boom times. We help companies diversify capital sources, building a solid foundation that complements relationships with their banks or other sources of funding. In some cases, we become a company’s primary source of funding, providing capital for debt refinancing, growth, acquisition financing, stock repurchases, recapitalizations and buyouts.


Highly Experienced Regional and Industry-Specific Teams

Our senior investment professionals average 21 years with Pricoa Capital Group. They are patient, intelligent and experienced. Our regional structure delivers a team with extensive local knowledge and contacts.

We’re committed to developing a working relationship that will stand the test of time. That’s what we do, and it’s what we’ve done for more than 75 years.