Day in the Life: Francesco Ascoli

Francesco Ascoli’s interest in finance began in his science-specialized high school. The years that Francesco spent in high school “were the years of the internet companies. I used to find it more and more attractive to learn about the new economy, the (sometimes bizarre) valuation methodologies, the IPOs and then the crash.”

Following his high school graduation, Francesco opted to study finance at Bocconi University in Milan. “I chose to have a focus in finance for my last two years at the university, fully in love with valuation methods, accounting and law.”

Upon graduation, Francesco looked at opportunities in banking and with advisory teams, ultimately taking a Credit Analyst position with Mediobanca. During his time at Mediobanca, Francesco worked on similar size deals and even partnered with Pricoa Capital Group on local deals.

Francesco chose to transition to Pricoa for its worldwide brand and local, relationship-focused approach.

“Being truly ‘global’ working under one of the leading life insurance and asset managers in the world, but still providing an Italian angle and playing on the domestic market, looking for the best in class for Italian companies who deserve a stable and reliable partner like Pricoa was a unique opportunity,” said Francesco.

In addition to the international presence that Pricoa Capital Group provides, the opportunity to work for Pricoa also allowed Francesco to stay in Milan, a city that he has grown to love. “Milan is really the most ‘European’ city in Italy – there is a lot of history, a good economy, good infrastructure, it’s close to the main industrial district, and it’s not too far from places to relax on the weekend. I love spending time in my hometown near Genoa but I now feel more Milanese than ever.”

When asked what has surprised him most while working at Pricoa, Francesco responded, “It’s a small team, sort of a second family. We all try to improve every day and each day is different. What worked yesterday may not work today. I have yet to find a boring moment in my years at Pricoa.”

Francesco continued, “Every day is different. One morning, you wake up and spend your day as a ‘lawyer’ reviewing legal documentation. The next, you spend the day as a relationship manager, travelling and meeting with five to six portfolio companies. Maybe you spend the following day as an analyst, building credit memos and writing credit analysis. You change hats frequently, which is very attractive to me and difficult to find in a career.”

For Francesco, the whole deal experience is what keeps life at Pricoa interesting. “There is a Latin saying ‘per aspera ad astra’ which translates to ‘through hardships to the stars.’ Winning a deal always requires building a trustworthy relationship, hard work for you and your team and managing any surprises, so it may not be easy but it is very rewarding when it happens.”

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