Corporate Financing Solutions

Pricoa Capital Group is known for developing creative financial solutions, and as a result, we're now one of the leading providers of private capital.


Senior DEBT

Private placements are unregistered debt or equity securities negotiated between an issuer and a limited number of investors. Roughly US$40 billion is issued in private placements per year by public and private companies.


Pricoa Shelf

Created to meet a company's desire for fast and efficient access to capital, the Pricoa Shelf is an uncommitted financing facility in which medium-term and long-term notes can be issued on multiple occasions.


Junior Capital

Providing subordinated debt along with senior debt and minority equity capital to support non-sponsored MBOs, shareholder buy-outs, growth/acquisition financings and recapitalisations, as well as private equity sponsor-backed LBOs.



Infrastructure finance provides long-term, fixed-rate debt financing for core infrastructure assets with a focus on transportation-related infrastructure.