Day in the Life: Investment Professional

Whether you’re a new Senior Associate or Analyst, your talents will be leveraged from day one. Our highly dynamic, fast-paced working environment demands innovative thinking, rewards creative insight, and fosters personal and professional growth. Working in small teams and in close contact with senior management, you will experience intensive, hands-on investment practice.

See what our investment professionals have to say about working for Pricoa Capital: 

PJ LaFemina, Director, Sydney**

PJ LaFemina, a Director in Pricoa Capital Group’s Sydney* office, describes Pricoa as, “the best kept secret in finance.” “We’re one of the world’s largest private placement investors, but you can’t pick up what we do from a textbook,” PJ said. “I worked at a large bank before joining Pricoa, and I felt like more of a clerk than an underwriter, with all the templates to follow and policies that were in place.” (Read more)

Rhiannon Hackett, Director, London

"The exposure Pricoa provides in terms of both the breadth of companies we work with, and the responsibilities team members are given, is what makes my job rewarding," Rhiannon said. “Doing in-depth analysis of companies across a broad spectrum of sectors makes you think about many aspects of daily life in a different way. You start to understand more about the products you see and services you consume in everyday life – who is making these products, where they are manufactured, why a certain brand is more successful than others.” (Read more)

Francesco Ascoli, Vice President, Milan

Francesco chose Pricoa Capital Group for its worldwide brand and local, relationship-focused approach. “Being truly ‘global’ working under one of the leading life insurance and asset managers in the world, but still providing an Italian angle and playing on the domestic market, looking for the best in class for Italian companies who deserve a stable and reliable partner like Pricoa was a unique opportunity,” said Francesco. (Read more)

Omar Landeros, Investment Analyst, Mexico City*

“I moved to Pricoa to work as a top worldwide private investor surrounded by very talented people with various backgrounds and experiences. One of the main reasons I chose to join Pricoa was to be on the buy-side of investments,” said Omar. “Banks have very standard processes and methods, whereas each deal in Pricoa is a different experience. Every deal is unique so you never stop learning about a diverse range of industries, products and regions. It awakens your curiosity. The Pricoa Capital Group culture challenges you from the first day.” (Read more

Jennifer O'Neill-Mardokh, Senior Vice President, Paris

Jennifer joined Pricoa Capital Group as a Director and brought with her a wealth of financial experience, as well as a wide range of language capabilities. Irish-born, she is fluent in English and French, and knowledgeable in Spanish and Italian. After meeting with Pricoa during her job search, Jennifer knew this was the right place to apply and cultivate her talents. (Read more)



*Operates through PGIM Real Estate Mexico S.C. 

 **Operates through PGIM (Australia) Pty Ltd.







We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.