Senior Investment Associate Credit Training Program

New Senior Associates complete an intensive seven-week in-house Credit Training program, which is designed to familiarize Senior Associates with Pricoa's credit analysis framework, and provide the opportunity for new Senior Associates to meet most everyone at Pricoa Capital by spending time in the regional offices. The Credit Training program leverages the expertise and skills of our most senior investment professionals and uses actual deals to provide a relevant and practical foundation for new Senior Associates.



General Topics to be Covered


Intro to Pricoa Capital Group; Credit Underwriting; Financial Modeling; Intro to Energy Finance Group


Investment Grade - Recent Cases; Intro to Marketing; Intro to Legal


Below Investment Grade - Recent Cases; Competitive Landscape; Advanced Legal; Mid-term


Mezzanine - Recent Cases; Mezzanine / Equity Modeling; Mezzanine Legal


Mezzanine - Recent Cases; Mezzanine Fund; Leveraged Loans, Intro to Pricoa Capital Group


Relationships / Marketing; Inter-creditor Issues; Corporate and Project Workouts Caselets; Final Case Preparation


Leveraged Leases; Public Leveraged Loans; Final Case Presentations
















We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.