One-Stop Financing

Pricoa provides one-stop financing solution to lighting manufacturer and distributor

Founded in 1999 by entrepreneurs Andrew Johnson and Jack Huang, Aurora Lighting Group is a vertically integrated LED lighting manufacturer and distributor serving the Trade Wholesale and Projects channels in the UK, France and Middle East. Aurora’s core products include downlights and light fixtures that are manufactured in both Asia and the UK. It has been an early mover into smart lighting (lighting with internet connectivity), under the AOne brand, benefitting from partnerships with connected home platforms and Gooee, an enterprise building technology provider offering control and sensing hardware as well as data aggregation and management using “lighting-as-a-host”.

In late 2018, Pricoa Capital Group provided a comprehensive financing package to Aurora. With this debt capital, the company has refinanced its existing bank as well as received capital to support ongoing growth initiatives across its Trade Wholesale and Projects businesses, including a new smart-enabled product range and investment in sales and engineering resources.

Faced with a short deadline to close and the complexities of a cross-border and multi-faceted transaction, Aurora chose to partner with Pricoa based on its ability to move quickly, the certainty of execution afforded by a one-stop funding solution and availability of follow-on capital in support of growth initiatives. 

Pricoa was the sole lender providing a revolving credit facility, senior debt, subordinated debt and an accordion to facilitate future acquisitions. Funding was provided in a mix of GBP, USD and EUR to reflect the company’s global footprint.

Aurora was advised by Deloitte Corporate Finance.